For 29 consecutive years, CumberlandFest has been our town’s premier summer event. Featuring a huge carnival midway, quality musical entertainment, a wide array of food vendors, an arts and crafts fair, special events and gigantic fireworks display, CumberlandFest has over the years attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and raised more than a million dollars in support of youth programs in Cumberland.

2020 was to have been our 30 Anniversary Celebration, and plans were well underway to make this year’s event our best yet. Unfortunately, no one had anticipated the impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on all of us, and so many of the things that we take for granted.
While our Board of Directors and Executive Council regret having to cancel CumberlandFest 2020, Rhode Island’s social distancing guidelines, which will remain in effect throughout the summer, leave us no choice. Above all, our primary responsibility must be to do all that we are able to ensure public safety, reduce the chance of infection, and work toward returning to a sense of normalcy. 

Although our 30th anniversary festival will need to wait until 2021, our mission continues. We will be working with our sponsors and youth organizations to identify alternative activities for the development of our youth and benefit of the community. Although COVID-19 has taken its toll, we will come together, even if apart. 

CumberlandFest is the creation of the Cumberland Youth Activities Council (CYAC), a nonprofit 501c-3 that was formed in 1991 to raise money for youth athletic activities in Cumberland. For nearly three decades, CumberlandFest has been the area’s most anticipated summer event. Held annually at Diamond Hill Park during Victory Day Weekend in August, CumberlandFest includes a carnival midway of rides to thrill all ages, a wide array of musical acts, food vendors, an arts & crafts fair and other special events. Through the patronage of thousands of attendees, the assistance of hundreds of event volunteers and the community-wide support of business sponsors, CumberlandFest has contributed more than $1,000,000 to youth programs over its 29-year history.
Mission Statement: The Cumberland Youth Activities Council (CYAC), a 501c-3 non-profit corporation with the objective of providing financial support for youth activities in the Cumberland area.

Board of Directors:

Alan Neville, Board Chair

Michael Crawley, Director Cumberland Parks & Recreation

Kristina Mayer, Secretary

Rebekah Puleo, Treasurer

Scott DiChristofero

Jerry Schimmel, CF Executive Director (non-voting)

Ed Lindsay

Paul Bradley


Executive Committee:

Jerry Schimmel, CumberlandFest Executive Director

Ernest Labbe, CumberlandFest Deputy Director

Kristina Mayer, Director of Administration

Rebekah Puleo, Director of Finance

Michael Crawley, Community Chair

Denise Marshall, Vendor Chair

Alan Neville, Marketing Chair

David Starvos, Facilities Chair

Joseph Vela, Jr., Transportation Chair

Darlene Wood, Entertainment Chair


Committee Chairs:

Manuel Rodrigues, Logistics Chair

Carol Vela, Sponsorship Chair




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