Steve Anthony & Persuasion

If you’re looking for New England’s hottest and most exclusive dance band, look no further than Steve Anthony & Persuasion, featuring Gabrielle Silva. Many bands come and go, but the hallmark of a professional band lies in the consistent dedication of its members. With decades of collective experience and a rhythm section that has been together for years, Steve Anthony and Persuasion has what it takes to entice you onto the dance floor! Add to this an amazing sax player, a three-piece horn section, and the contagious lead vocals of Gabrielle Silva, and what you get is onstage energy and a sound that is unsurpassed. With the presence and polish of a Las Vegas show band, Steve Anthony & Persuasion play continuously, without breaks, one song leading smoothly into another. Voted among the best of bands on The KNOT, Steve Anthony & Persuasion is a unique experience you will never forget.
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