Thirty 6 Red

Thirty 6 Red is not just a band, they are a family. They have such dedicated fans and never fail to put on a great show. What makes them different from most bands is the way they engage with their audiences. They are always tossing out stuff to the crowd to have them be a part of the experience. The crowd never stops dancing and singing along until the show is over. The energy at any one of their shows is something to be a part of. They always make sure everyone is having a great time while at one of their shows. The best part about Thirty 6 Red is that they are up to date with the most popular country and rock and roll songs that everyone knows and loves. The duo of Erin and Larry collaborating on songs like Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood and Hard To Handle by The Black Crowes is absolutely something you don't want to miss out on hearing! Jeff and Jimmy are always in sync and never miss the chance to rock out, especially along side Rich the drummer who never misses a beat!
Erin Ollis
Jim Politano
Larry Smith
Jeff O'Brien
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