Tor guides

Tor Guides is the current incarnation of the Paul Murphy Touring Ensemble from the RI Philharmonic Music School. It is composed of advanced RI high school student musicians and involves an audition for consideration. We are a 7 piece Funk and Jazz ensemble that has featured horns, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vibraphone.

This group was formed in honor of the late R&B guitarist Paul Murphy. The group specializes in music with jazz harmonies and the rhythmic complexity of jazz and funk. These musicians can improvise and entertain with their unique high-energy approach to the most classic standards.

This ensemble has traditionally played all over RI at shows, fundraisers, and events for the last 10+ years. Notable gigs have been at First Works R.I., Taste of R.I., Berklee High School Jazz Festival, Vernal Arts and Music Festival, Arts on the Main East Greenwich, and the PVD Fest in Kennedy Plaza.
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